Monday, February 20, 2006


Repeat after me: I – Do – Not – Own – The – Road (repeat as many times neccesary for it to sink in!)

Good grief…the number of incompetent drivers on the road, and all of them driving with the mentality that it’s their grandfather’s road they’re driving on! It’s bad enough that everywhere you go, there’s never-ending construction going on, eating up half the road. Then you have these jokers who happily CRUISE in the middle of a two lane street at 30km/h barring anyone from getting past him. Puh-leez…it’s as if he’s SO scared someone will get his parking lot (at wherever he’s going to) that he has to stop anyone from getting in front of him.

The problem with us Malaysians is that we may be a developing country, but the mentality is still that of an underdeveloped country. Terms like ‘kia-su’, ‘kia-si’ and ‘kia-bo’ are terms that sadly, we’re not only all too familiar with, but actually PROUD that it’s a term exclusive to Asians.

If you notice, the drivers actually get worse and worse as you get further away from the city. I don’t even want to hazard a guess as to what the drivers are like in the boondocks of Malaysia. True, everyone should be allowed access to technology, or personal modes of transportation, but surely the training that goes with handling a vehicle should extend to road behaviour and courtesy, right?

These people are driving CARS in the same way they’re riding bicycles (yes, I know it was the norm back then, but its not now!) – which is right in the middle of the road, expecting all other vehicles to give way to them. The biggest worry is that many of these are also businessmen who want to show off their affluent family business and drive increasingly bigger cars like Mercs and Beemers when the village roads are not built to handle such cars, forcing all the other smaller vehicles off the road because their ‘status symbols’ are compacting all the dirt unevenly, causing potholes in the ‘roads’.

*grrrr....* what a way to start the week!!


Tine said...

Aww ... another post on sodding Malaysian drivers. Now now, calm down. It's amazing how these people drive like maniacs here, but behave like absolute angels when driving overseas. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyways, no point getting worked up over this. If all fails, there's always the middle finger ;)

beetrice said...

Hmph..and what are you going to do, pray tell, when there's other pple in the car? We're not exactly angels ourselves behind the wheel y'know...hahaha...

Besides, you don't want to end up with a flat tyre on your nice new Waja, do ya? :)