Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Random pix...

Just some images from the past couple of weeks, since I’ve finally gotten around to loading the pix from my camera…

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~ The cake =^o^= baked me for Valentine’s Day…with some rather unusual consequences!!

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Since my room is FINALLY clean (after what seems like ages, I can finally see the floor next to my bed!!) I’ve added these slinky flower lights to one side of my window…they look really good when the lights are off. Sadly, I can’t extend it all the way around cos the wire won’t let me! Any suggestions?

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Last but definitely not least…a dear friend from Spore (you know who you are) had these delivered to me yesterday. Yes, I know it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore, but they definitely brightened up the rest of the evening…thanks so much for the gesture, it really made my day…all in my fave colour too – purple!! :)


Tine said...

1st photo - Mmmm .... looks yummy. What consequence? :P

2nd photo - Omigosh! The lights are gorgeous!! Where did you get 'em? Eh, get for me too leh!!

3rd photo - Lovely flowers. Okay, I've just GOT to stop salivating :P

beetrice said...

Haha...I bought these last year. The lights were from..*drumroll*..PETALING ST! hehe..will get for you if I'm in the area lah..